2002 Toyota Tacoma "TacoBox"

The rig that got my feet wet in Off Grid exploring.

This is a short wheelbase single cab 2002 Tacoma, with a 4 cylinder and 5 speed. It's size has allowed me to comfortable squeeze into tight sections of trail but still feel comfortable on the highway. As much as the room and plushness of a mid and full size rig offers, I still like the smaller footprint.

The mods are textbook Tacoma:

ARB Front Bumper w/ Smittybuilt Winch

Front - Icon 2.5's Rear - Radflo 2.5's w Resi

Alcan Rear Springs

Safari Snokel

Smittybuilt Roof Rack

Contractor shell w/ barn doors

Custom rear tube bumper w/ swingouts

285/65/16 - General Grabbers

16x8 - American Racing Mojave's